Fuel Cell Fleet Kicks Off Tour in Yining, Xinjiang

Release Date:2023-10-25

On 3rd August, the hydrogen fleet equipped with SinoHytec’s hydrogen fuel cell started its exhibition tour in Yining, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The fleet started its trip from the Exhibition Hall for the City Planning of Yining (Yi Ning Shi Gui Hua Zhan Lan Guan), travelled along the 717 Avenue, G213 National Highway to the sixth generation of border entry of Khorgos. Vehicle performance will be tested during the exhibition tour for the future promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Xinjiang, ushering in a new chapter of Xingjiang’s hydrogen industry.

In July this year, the first low-carbon green hydrogen production, storage, dispensing and application integration project (also known as the green hydrogen innovation application project in Yingning) in Xingjiang launched by SinoHytec and its partner in Yining was granted RMB 12,460 by the central government. Yili as the pilot zone is endowed with fossil fuels underground, exploiting renewable energies on the ground with local specificities considered can diversify energy mix of the region. The project include building a 100MW photovoltaic power plant, a hydrogen production plant with a capacity of 12,000Nm3/h and four hydrogen refueling stations with a daily refueling capacity of 2 tones. In addition, 247 fuel cell vehicles including heavy-duty trucks, dump trucks, forklifts, etc. will be deployed. 

With Green Hydrogen Innovation and Application Project for Yining, Yili Prefecture as the guiding principle, SinoHytec and its partners will first deploy heavy-duty trucks and dump trucks in mining areas of Yining, and constantly build the hydrogen industry in Xinjiang Autonomous Region to achieve green and zero-carbon development in the future. 

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