The M Series

The engine has achieved several technological breakthroughs and is responsive, efficient and has a longer life cycle. The innovative parallel dual-stack model with gas distribution manifolds helps improve the efficiency of energy conversion and the response speed of the engine, thus, the life cycle of the engine is extended.

The G Series

The G series engines are equipped with stacks with intellectual property rights, and key components made domestically. With 800W/kg maximum power density, -35℃ low temperature start-up and a -40℃ cold resistance storage temperature, the engine can be applied on different kinds of vehicles, such as busses, logistic vehicles, inter-city busses, trailers, sanitation vehicles, passenger vehicles and forklifts.

The T Series

The T series engines are equipped with metal bipolar plate. The engine is both reliable and durable, and can be equipped on busses, tracks, etc.