The rated power of the heat and the power system combined reaches 200kW (rated power output 100kW). With a maximum power generation efficiency of 52% and a combined heat and power efficiency of over 85%, the P200 system can output 380V or 200V AC power and generate 70-85℃ water. It can work both on-grid and off-grid as well as operate on island mode. The application scenarios include power supplies for factories, supermarkets, communities, etc.

Product Parameter

Rated Combined Power(kW) 200 Rated Power Output(kW) 103
Rated Heat Output(kW) 102 Overall Dimensions (mm) 2600*2200*2450
Cold-start Temperature (℃) -35 Maximum power supply efficiency(%) 54.25%
Maximum Combined Efficiency(%) 91%

Product Introduction

  • reliable
  • durable
  • intelligent
  • responsive
  • zero-emission
  • easy to maintain
  • efficient
  • quiet

Application Cases