The Official Launch of SinoHytec’s First Hydrogen Energy Storage Project

Release Date:2023-10-24

The Special Conference on Hydrogen Innovation Application of the Hebei Province jointly hosted by the Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology (HPDST) and the Zhangjiakou Municipal Government was successfully opened on September 21st. The conference invited Mr. Long Fenjie, Party Secretary and Director of the HPDST and Mr. Li Keliang, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Zhangjiakou to give speeches. Mr. Zhang Guoqiang, head of SinoHytec participated the special conference as a keynote speaker. During the event, the report on “Hydrogen Energy Storage Application in Generation-Grid-Load-Storage Practices” was given by representatives of SinoHytec.


Hydrogen energy storage is about converting abundant, off-peak and low-quality electrical power into hydrogen, so that the energy can be saved for future use. The hydrogen it produces can be used in industries like transportation, metallurgy and chemical engineering, or be transformed into electricity through fuel cells to secure sufficient power supply at peak hours through grids. Hydrogen energy storage is irreplaceable in long-term energy storage as it is safe, economical, and environmentally friendly. It can be operated in large scale and promote the consumption of renewable energy. It is estimated that about 10% of electrical power generated by renewable energy shall be adjusted through long-term energy storage, while hydrogen as an essential way to store energy will become the next growth point, enabling an equipment market worth 10 trillion yuan.


The hydrogen energy storage project of SinoHytec is located in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province. We plan to invest RMB 1.3 billion for the project and the construction will be completed by the end of 2024. This project supports the demonstration of technologies such as the renewable energy-hydrogen coupling system that can operate off-grid and actively complement the grid. The hydrogen energy storage project will be equipped with a 200MW wind power generation system, 120MW hydrogen production system with a production capacity of 24,000Nm³/h, seven 1.6MPa spherical hydrogen tank with storage capacities of 30,000Nm³, and a 40MW hydrogen power generation system with 40% of rated power that can consistently work for 4 hours. 


As the first ever hydrogen energy storage project of SinoHytec, the Zhangjiakou project is a milestone of the company’s “duel development strategy of producing both hydrogen and fuel cells”. Today, our businesses covers all the 5 key sectors of the industrial chain, including hydrogen production, storage and dispensing, hydrogen energy generation, fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen feedstock. Building upon our past achievements, SinoHytec will accelerate its pace in exploring hydrogen as a way for energy storage as well as setting the benchmark for the power-to-hydrogen and hydrogen-to-X industry model. 

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