Technical Seminar Held by SinoHytec and Hebei North University——Empowering Hydrogen Industry in Zhangjiakou with Technical Cooperation

Release Date:2023-10-24

On 25th August, the Hydrogen Technology Seminar between SinoHytec and Hebei North University was successfully held in Zhangjiakou, marking another in-depth exchanges between SinoHytec and Hebei North University since strategic cooperation was established. Dr. Fang Chuan (Director of SinoHytec’s R&D Department), members of the R&D team, and PhDs and Professors of the University attended the Seminar.

Professor Jia Tianjun, Director of the University’s Scientific and Research Department delivered a welcome speech during the seminar. Mr. Li Junjie, Dean of the Science and Technology College briefly introduced the cooperation between the two sides. He mentioned that fruitful results have been achieved through concrete actions, and practices that bring together enterprises, universities, research institutes and end-users should be promoted so that more results can be achieved and become market-ready as soon as possible.

During the seminar, Dr. Fang Chuan made a detailed introduction on the current status of the industry and SinoHytec’s R&D capacity and talent training programs. He emphasized that SinoHytec’s R&D team led by PhDs and senior engineers will work side by side with Hebei North University, breaking new trails in the fuel cell and hydrogen sector and cultivating talents for Zhangjiakou’s hydrogen demonstration projects. 

In-depth discussions on technical subjects such as the catalyst, polymer membranes, plated coatings, thin film sensors, micro grid, big data and simulation were carried out during the seminar, and technical routes that integrate the strengths of both the university and the company, strategies for technology development and ways for talent cultivation were discussed, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation that combines theoretical learning and engineering practices. 

Looking forward, the two sides will expand ways of cooperation in technical innovation, research finding commercialization, talent cultivation and platform-building, promote win-win cooperation and seek common development.

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